Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Free Fire Instead Of Battlegrounds Mobile India And FortNite

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Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Free Fire Instead Of Battlegrounds Mobile India And FortNite
Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Free Fire Instead Of Battlegrounds Mobile India And FortNite

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Free Fire is continuously upgrading it’s game and improving the gameplay experience of their game. Many new features are added to game in every month.

And it’s becoming a very good game to play for gamers. And today we’re going to discuss about why Free Fire is better than Battlegrounds Mobile India And FortNite. Do a careful overview of this reasons and select which game you should play Free Fire, Battlegrounds Mobile India or FortNite.

So, In Today’s date if we come to mobile battle royale gaming genre. Their are many numbers of games to play. But from those thousands of games which game should prefer to play.

The top names on the list are Battlegrounds Mobile India, FortNite and Free Fire. From these 3 games Battlegrounds Mobile India and FortNite are in leading position In the today’s date.

These both games are like boss of Battle royale Mobile gaming. And it seems like no other game can take over these games.

From the past 3 years many games tried to overcome these two games but were not able to takeover them. And even didn’t reached the popularity like them.

Keeping both of these games in side a one more game has became a very strong competitor of Battlegrounds Mobile India and FortNite. And that game is Garena Free Fire.

Which is Published by Garena on mobile platforms.Free Fire was launched for android on December 4, 2017. FreeFire is developed by the Vietnamese Gaming Companu 111 Dots Studio.

Free Fire has became now the most played game in 2019. As of November 2019, Free Fire now has over 500 million registered users and an average of 65 Million active users daily.

Free Fire has a separate fan base of itself.So let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why should you play Free Fire instead of Battlegrounds Mobile India or FortNite.

1. Space Requirements

Nowadays, not everyone has a high end flagship smartphones for playing games. As everyone can’t afford them.

And Battlegrounds Mobile India and FortNite are both high end configuration demanding games Fortnite runs only in the smartphones having atleast Snapdragon 845 and 6Gb ram.

And Battlegrounds Mobile India needs atleast 3Gb ram and 5 Gb space free in the storage to play the game without any lag or framedrop issues.

But Free Fire is totally different from both of these games it runs on all android devices very smoothly and doesn’t have any minimum requirements to play the game.

All you need is to just have 500 Mb free space in your android devices and you are good to play Garena Free Fire latest Update version 1.43.0.

If you have this much space free in your device then you can even play this game in 1 Gb ram device.

So this becomes the main reason why you should Play Free Fire and avoid playing FortNite And Battlegrounds Mobile India Battle royale.

2. Less Time Consuming

As all of you know that in classic matches of Battlegrounds Mobile India and FortNite their are total of 100 players in match.

And the one who defeats all the players and stays alive till last gets chicken dinner or victory. But beacuse their are 100 players it takes around 30-40 minutes to finish a match.

But in Free Fire their are just 50 players in a match. So it takes only around 10-12 minutes to finish 1 rank match. And all the gamers who like continues action in a game will choose Free Fire instead of Battlegrounds Mobile India and FortNite. This becomes the plus point of the Free Fire, to get good player engagement.

3. Similar Like Other BattleRoyale Games..

The concept of the Free Fire is just same like other battle royale games in which particular number of players are taken in a plane and they are released on a island and the one who defeats and survives till ladt gets the victory Royale, Boyaah or Chicken Dinner.

The concept of Battlegrounds Mobile India nd FortNite is also same like this. So due to some advantages like less space requirements and less time consumption Free Fire becomes the most played Battle Royale Mobile Game.

4. Character Settings

The most important reason why you should play Free Fire instead of all other Battle Royale Games is the character system of the game. The game contains around 18 – 20 characters which players can choose for free every time they start a new game.

Unlike other battle royale games like Battlegrounds Mobile India which have just 2 characters of Male and Female.

5. Different Abilities Of Different Characters

Unlike other games in Free Fire all the 18-20 characters of the game have various different abilities which can be used at different different scenarios in the game.

These abilities create a different gaming environment which attracts the most of the mobile gamers. These abilities can take you to win the game.

6. Regular Updates & Awards

Free Fire continuously keeps updating their game and add new-new features in every update of the game unlike other battle royale games which just fix the bugs and glitches in their updates.

Garena Free Fire keeps upgrading the gameplay experience of the players by optimizing the game. Unlike Battlegrounds Mobile India developers who just design and add new skins and outfits in game.

7. Player Customisation

If you talk about player customizations in battle royale games. Then Free Fire is at the top most position and no other game has been able to dethrone it till now.

Free Fire provides you hundreds of player customizations which users can use to customize their ingame character. These customizations contain various customizations containing companions, skins apparals and outfits.

Some of these customizations are available to everyone when they register in game. And some can be obtained by doing small micro-transactions in-game and some are obtained by completing particular missions or from events.

So these are the Top 7 reasons Why Free Fire Is Better Than Battlegrounds Mobile India and FortNite.

Let me know in the comments which game you prefer to play and for which reason you play that game. And do comment below if you have any query related to this.

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