Top 5 Zombie Games For Android in October 2021 | Offline/Online

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 Hello guys welcome to the new post of AmanGamerX in this post we’re going to top 5 Zombie games for android. 

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All the games that I’m going to show you are going to be high graphics zombie games for android working in both online and offline mode. And yeah these games are really too much fun to play 🙂

1. Left To Survive

Size : 517 Mb 
Mode : Online 

Left to Survive | Zombie Game Android

Left to survive is a online zombie game developed for android devices.

In this game you’ve to survive as much as you can. You’ve rifles, shotguns, guns, grenades and pistols with you to kill zombies. 

You’ve to survive and kill zombie hords in this game.

You can also make your base in this game for staying protected from enemies and zombies.

Player Vs Player mode is also available in this game in which you can play online with other players out their from the world.

Other than this you can also destroy zombie base from a helicopter with weapons which is too much fun to play with. Graphics are also too high of this game so I’ll definitely suggest you to try out this zombie game atleast once.

2. Kill Shot Virus

Size : 79 Mb 
Mode : Online

Kill Shot Virus| Zombie Game Android

This game is also one of the best zombie games out their android. Though this game is online but the size of the game is too lees i.e 79 Mb. 

This is a simple zombie shooter game in which you get guns to defend yourself from zombies. You’ve to protect the survivors from zombies with whom you encounter in between from and survive till last. 

Controls of the game are too handy and easy to play anr shot kill death cam in this game is too good to see. So overall this game is also good to play. if you want to tryout this game then you can download it from the button below or Google Play Store.

3. Underground 2077

Size : 182 Mb
Mode : Offline

Underground 2077 Zombie Game Android

The storyline and graphics are kinda dark. But the zombies in the game are too hard to kill. 

In the game the world has came to end and you’re stuck in an Subway in New York. 

You’ve got some weeks to survive from zombies nd then you’ll be free from them but the Zombies keep attacking you non-stop. 

So if you want to survive in this game you’ve to defeat all the zombies and win the game.

If you want to try this game then you can download it from the Google Play Store link given below.

4. Zombie Gunfire

Size : 229Mb
Mode : Offline

Zombie Gunfire Android Game

Zome Gunfire is an offline zombie Survival game for android. Though this game doesn’t have any good storyline. 

The short concept of the game is that zombies have captured over the world and almost every human has transformed into a zombie.

 Only few people are left over and you’re one of them. So you’ve to survive to till end and finish all the zombie waves. 

The con of the game is that you can’t move from one place in this game you just have to shoot the zombies standing at one place. 

Though keeping this aside game has got very good graphics and controls. You can give it a try as game is of less size. 

5. Zombie Tsunami

Size : 68Mb
Mode : Offline

Zombie Tsunami Android Game
The last game in our list of Top 5 Zombie games for Android phones in 2021 is Zombie Tsunami. 

This is one of my personal favourite  zombie android game out their.

This is sort of a running type zombie game in which you play as a zombie and you’ve to infect all the humans who come in your way. 

You’ll get power ups and special powers like dragon, tsunami and many more special powers which make this game more interesting and fun to play.

You’ve to dodge the obstacles like car, aeroplanes, etc which come in your way and make the highest score as you can.

You can prefer this game if you want to play a zombie run game for fun.

I hope you liked the games i shown you. Also do checkout Our Blog for more such gaming posts 🥰…

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