( Offline ) Top 5 Open World Games For Android In October 2021

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 In today’s time we have games from different genres and categories available on android. 

Open world games are one of the popular gaming categories at this time. Games like Gta 5, Watch Dogs 2, etc are too much popular in today’s time. Though these games are only available on Pc, Ps4 and X box so we can’t play them on android devices.

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( Offline ) Top 5 Open World Games For Android In October 2021
( Offline ) Top 5 Open World Games For Android In October 2021

So further in this article we’re going to see some of the Top open world games for android which you can play in offline mode as many of us don’t have good internet connection to play online games. 

So don’t worry if you don’t have any good internet connection just download the games once and enjoy playing them…! 

All the games in this Top 5 Open World Games for android list are offline and easily available on Google PlayStore. I’ll also add a link to the games below. 

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1. New Revolution

The first game in our list is New Revolution. The game is completely offline and the size of the game is too very less around 500 mb.

The concept of the game is most of the humans on the earth are infected by zombies and only few humans are left their who survived.

 You’re also one of them. You’ve to collect many items and kill zombies to survive while exploring this big open world area. You can also make bases for defeating and staying safe from zombies.

The game also has multiplayer mode which you can play with your friends but then you’ll need an internet connection. So if you don’t want to waste your data then continue playing it offline.

The game was initially released on Google Play Store but later it was removed from their due to some reasons. You can download this game from the ApkPure Site.

Link to Game : 


This game is also offline like New Revolution and the size of the game is 360MB which is not too much. This game is basically for the Gta 5/Gta lovers who always love to play open world games which have storyline, various missions and a free to roam open world city, etc.

But as i just told you the size of the game is just 360mb so the graphics of the game are not that good but yeah the map of the city of the game is big and you can roam anywhere in the city steal anyone’s vehicle, etc just like Gta San Andreas or Gta 5

You’ll enjoy playing this game if you’re die hard GTA fan.

So if you want to play a gta like game in such low size then I’ll definitely recommend you to play this game atleast once.

Game Link : 

3. Driving School Simulator 

The third game in our list of top 5 open  world games on android is Driving School Simulator. The size of the game is 1.5GB and game can be played in both offline and online mode. It’s upto you how you wanna play it.

Story mode/Campaign mode is playable offline and Online multiplayer, etc.

Concept of the game is like you’re learning to drive and you’ll have to follow all the traffic rules and instructions like in real life to make progress in the game. Progress will be saved online through cloud.

Rules of the game are not that easy, even a small mistake would lead to decrease in points. The game has maps like Moscow, Los Vegas and many more. 

The graphics and camera of the game are very impressive, so if you love to play driving simulator games then you must try this one game. Game is available on Google Play Store you can easily download it from their.

Link to the game : 

4. The First Tree

Fourth game on our list is The First tree and the size of the game is around 460MB. You’re playing the role of a fox in here with an open world environment. The environment of the world in the game is too beautiful and colourful. 

This is an survival game, basically you’ve to survive from other animals around their who will try to kill you.

This game has also been awarded for its graphics as they are way too high nd good.

Game Link :

5. Flight The Valley

Last game in our list is Flight The Valley it is completely an offline game with an size of 350mb. The concept of the game is very different as compared to other open world games. This game is for those gamers who like to play relaxing games. 

You just have to explore all over the map in the game. Though the city is way too big and the locations and graphics in the game are also too good. You can also transform into a bird and fly all over the world and explore it. The graphics of the game are so damm good. So if you like these kindq exploring games then I’ll definitely recommend you to play this one.

Game Link : 

I hope you liked all the above games nd you’ll have great time in playing. If there are more better games than this? Let me know in the comments. Nd also suggest us the which game reviews we should post next.

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