Top 5 Multiplayer Games For Android October 2020

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Top 5 Multiplayer Games For Android October 2020
Top 5 Multiplayer Games For Android October 2020 
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Hey Guys! Welcome back to new post of Aman GamerX. Today I’m going to give you Top 5 high graphics Multiplayer games for android to play with friends in October 2021 .

We all know that playing games online friends is too much fun even if the games are not that good because we can interact with our friends and enjoy the game at it’s most.

1. The Origin Mission

Size : 1.3GB
Mode : Online/Multiplayer

Our first game in the top 5 multiplayer games for android list is “The Origin Mission”. The game is fully online as it is an multiplayer game and you’ll require an internet connection to play this game. 
The concept of the game is just like CS:GO game, 5 Vs 5 multiplayer match. The game has similar weapons like CS:Go. Graphics of the game are also pretty much impressive. 
So if you like to play player vs player games like CS:Go, Pubg, Bgmi, Call of Duty then I’ll suggest you to try this game you’ll definitely like it.
Note : The game is not available in some countries including India so you’ll have to download it from the Tap Tap Online Store. You can download the Tap Tap app from the button below.

Tap Tap Store Link : 

2. Modern Warships

Size : 370 MB
Mode : Online

Second game in the list is Modern Warships. It is an battleship game in which you’ve to fight with other ships around the sea.
You can customise your ship upgrade it and install various type of weapons on your ship as you progress in the game. Your target is to destroy other ships and make your ship powerfull. 
This game will also give you the vibes of the Pirates of The Caribbean movie game. The game is online and you can easily play the game with your friends too. I personally liked the Animations, graphics and camera styles soo much. 
So if you like battleship games then you should definitely checkout this game.
Modern Warship Game Download Link :

3. Rocket League Sideswipe

Size : 800 MB
Mode : Online 

As you all must know about Rocket league Sideswipe it is an popular game on pc. Now it’s also available for mobile devices.
 The concept of the game is 1v1 and 2v2. You’ve to push the ball with car and do goals to win the game. You can also play this game against your friends online.
The game has temporarily been removed from Google Play Store. Previously it was available over their as early access. 
Now you can’t download it from playstore.
I’ll add the link to the game once it is available on playstore.

4. Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier : 

This is an Battle royale game of Final Fantasy. Recently they launched a beta program of the game most of you must have played this game at that time.
You can check out the gameplay of this game on YouTube or I’ll attach a gameplay video of the game below this. 
Game has decent graphics and the battleroyale mode of the game is kinda impressive. So if you’re bored of playing Pubg, Bgmi and freefire then you can check out this game you’ll definitely love it.
Download Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Here :

5. Valorant Mobile

The fifth and last game in our list is Valorant Mobile. I put this game on 5th position because this game is still coming soon and hasn’t yet launched for mobile devices. 
Though it has been confirmed by announcements that this game will be available soon for android devices.
Beta access was also given in many countries of Valorant Mobile. 
The graphics of the game are too high and best. And gameplay is also very good. So you must try the game. I’ll add the link as soon as rhe game is available on Playstore.

Conclusion :

I hope you liked all the 5 games i mentioned above. Do let me know which game you liked the most in the comments below 👇. Nd also let me know if their are other better Multiplayer Games for android. ✌️
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