Top 5 Best Games Under 100 Mb For Android In October 2021

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Top 5 Best Games Under 100 Mb For Android In October 2021
Top 5 Best Games Under 100 Mb For Android In October 2021

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Hey! Welcome to new post of out blog Aman Gamerx Alright! so today in this post I’m going to tell you some very interesting games after doing a lot of research and personally testing all these games. I’ve a list of Top 5 best games to play in October 2021 for android devices.
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And let me tell you that you are definitely going to enjoy playing all these games.

And it also won’t matter even if you have a budget or a mid range phone, because the games I’m going to tell you about can be played on a phone under 8K Rs too. 

You can play all games smoothly even on a phone with 500mb or 1gb ram. As All these games are under 100MB & they seem to be real fun & addictive too. So let’s Move towards the list and see the games.

(1) Battle Racing Stars – 

It seems like a combination of Contra, Jetpack Joyride, Super Mario & these are all type of racing games with a multiplayer mode.

When I was playing, I didn’t feel like stopping, so you can try it out. It has a  multiplayer mode with your friends & you can even play it alone in single player mode.

All the games I’m talking about are available to play online as well offline. (Game links are provided below the game.)

You can go & check them out, but do that only after reading the entire post.

(2) Mad Gunz – 

This one is not exactly under 100MB, it is about 115MB in size, but it is a nice & addictive battle royale game.

Friends you already know that Battle Royale games like COD Mobile or BGMI are all over 1-1.5GB in size so we can’t compare this game with them as this game is only around 100mb size.

The graphics & storyline is just like COD Mobile & BGMI, but it is just about 116MB in size.

And I was impressed with its graphics. When I got to know about its size, I thought it wouldn’t be much of an experience, but the gameplay & graphics are fun.

Even if you have an under powered phone of about 5-6K Rs, you will have fun playing this battle royale game. Thanks to Mad Gunz.

(3) Flaming Core – 

I have this game on my phone & i play it every day as well. It is a physics based game, so you will need some calculation.

The storyline is very interesting, your teammates have been hacked and you have to release them.

And being a physics based game, you get a ball by which you have to kill & survive throughout which is the overall idea/strategy behind the game.

It has about 160 levels & after the first few levels. It starts getting difficult. But it is definitely fun & addictive & I play it everyday.

 (4) SUP Multiplayer Racing – 

It is a multiplayer car racing game, the cars & gameplay do look like they are derived from vintage games.

And it’s a fun game. Being a multiplayer game, you can race other players. Graphics are good as it allows you to change lanes, overtake, collect coins etc.

It is an interesting game & it is under 100MB. If you like racing games, then you can definitely try this one out.

(5) HellRider 3 –

 The last game in our Top 5 games in October 2021 list is HellRider 3.

 This is an arcade game, where you get to ride a bike & avoid the bombs that fall ahead in the game.

And you can also collect more health & power ups with which you can use to shoot the other players in the game.

Basically, it is a combination of shooting, racing & arcade gameplay. This one too is good, addictive & under 100MB.

When I played this game, I liked it & really thought of suggesting it to you guys too.

All the 5 games I talked about have their links with them below so check them out, download them & do let us know in the comments section .

About all of these games or rather which was the best game that you liked from our list of Best Games Under 100MB comment down below👇.

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That’s all for this post, until the next one Stay Safe!

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