Top 5 BattleRoyale Games Under 500 Mb For Android ( Like Pubg & Free Fire )

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Top 5 BattleRoyale Games Under 500 Mb For Android ( Like Pubg & Free Fire )
Top 5 BattleRoyale Games Under 500 Mb For Android ( Like Pubg & Free Fire ) 

Hello Guys, Welcome back to new post of our blog. In this post I’m going to show you Top 5 Battle royale games like Pubg/Bgmi and FreeFire for Android Phones under 500 MB.

All the games that I’m going to show you in this list are battle royale games and obviously all of them are online multiplayer games and you can also enjoy these games with your friends ( if you have any xD😂 ). These games will definitely give you the vibes of playing Pubg/BGMI and Freefire.

 Size of all the games in this list is below 300 mb but one game is above 400 mb so i listed all the games undee 500mb category. Anyways that’s much of overview let’s see the games. I hope you’ll like all the games.

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Top 5 BattleRoyale Games Under 500 Mb For Android ( Like Pubg & Free Fire ) 

1. Survival Squad ( 340MB )

I know after reading the name of this game many of you’ll say that this game is banned in India and it’s servers are blocked in India. So let me tell you that this game came back to India some time ago and you can now easily find it on Google Play Store. 

Talking about the features of the games, the overall interface is like Pubg Pc game. You’re going to have an Pc gaming experience in this game that too on mobile device. 

Overall interface like, map, character, movements, item picking animations, etc are just like Pubg Pc. Even the guns and weapons are similar to Pubg Pc. You’re definitely going to feel like playing Pubg Pc version on mobile 😀

Nd concept is simple just like other battleroyale games you’ve to jump out from a plane on an island, find weapons, defeat other players and win the game. 

Only difference in this game and Pubg is that in this game you play with 18-20 other players and in Pubg you land with other 100 players. 

This also becomes plus point of the game for the people who don’t want to waste much of their time in playing games and also want to get the same enjoyment. So if you’re one of them I’ll definitely suggest you to download and play this game. 

The loophole of the game is that it takes too much time for matchmaking because very few people know about this game and due to less active players the game takes more
time for matchmaking. So go nd download this game and also suggest it to your friends so this problem will also get solved.

Survival Squad Download Link ( Google Play Store ) : 

2. Blood Rivals ( 180 MB )

The second battle royale game in our list is Blood Rivals. This is too an online game with a size of 180 Mb.

Concept of the game : You’ve to land on an big Island from an helicopter search for weapons and survive till last to win the match. The graphics of the game are not that good but these are good enough in 180 mb. Game is in only Fpp mode you can’t play it in Third person perspective. Game is very similar to Call of Duty : Mobile and Fortnite. You can also cann this game an Call of Duty Mobile lite as weapons, scopes, guns and character skins are very similar to Call of Duty : Mobile.

This game also has some extra features which make it different from Pubg and Freefire. As you all know in Bgmi/Pubg & Free Fire you’ve to search for weapons after landing and sometimes when many enemies land at same location you die because of not finding a gun so to get rid of this the developers of Blood Rivals have added the feature of like you’ll have one gun with you at the time of landing from helicopter. And you can also find more weapons in houses,etc. 

This game has match of 50 players in a game. Nd let me tell you about one more crazy feature of this game, you’ll find trains all over in the big map of the game for travelling fastly among the map nd you won’t need to find vehicles for traveling like Pubg or Freefire. 

So if you want to download this game you can download it from Google Play Store or from the link given below. 👇

3. Fightnight Battle Royale( 135 MB )

If you have an low end device with 1gb ram then this game is best for you. Concept of the game is same like pubg you’ve to jump off a helicopter on an island or desert, find weapons, fight and defeat other players to win. The size of the game is very less so anyone can play it very easily. 

The Tpp mode of the game is kinda similar to Fortnite. Overall interface of the game is similar to Pubg and fortnite. You get so many weapons and guns in this game which are now even in Pubg and Freefire. 

The movement, characters and mechanism of the game is too unique so they’ll give you a vibe of new game. You can equip 5 guns/weapons at a time so this becomes the plus point of the game. The controls of the game are also very smooth and easy to control ( not buggy like Pubg Lol 😂 ).

You can easily download the game from the link given below :-

4. The Last Stand ( 270 MB )

So the fourth game in our list is The Last Stand, the size of the game is 270 mb. The game is not just another typical battleroyale game like Pubg or freefire. This is an battle royale game with an isometric view just like the view you get in Clash of Clans mobile game. This view gives you the different experience while playing this game. 

The concept of game : Logic of the game is simple, you’re in a town you’ve to search for guns and weapons in the houses and defeat all the enemies. You find many types of weapons in the game including pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, etc. The aiming method is bit different in this game as it has isometric view.

Gameplay and graphics look preety interesting and addictive too  so you can download the game i hope you’ll like it.

5. Polar Survival ( 107 MB ) 

The 5th and the last game in our list is the Polar Survival, the size of the game is just 107 mb. This game is specially designed for low end devices as it doesn’t require much of the space in your phone. The game is basically just like Pubg but in this game you jump with a parachute directly from the plane.

Concept of the game : You’re on a icy island, the map is so big covered with ice on it. ( That’s why the name of the game is Polar Survival ). The concept of the game is same as Pubg Mobile ( BGMi ). As you all know Vikendi map has been temporarily removed from the BgMi so if you were a vikendi map fan then I’ll definitely recommend you to play this game as it’ll give you Vikendi vibes.

Graphics of the game are not that good but they’re okay as the size of the game is just 107 mb. So if you’re interested you can download this game from the link given below. 

Polar Survival Download Link : 

So i hope you liked all the Top 5 BattleRoyale games like Pubg/Freefire under 500 mb for android devices. Let me know in the comments which game you liked the most? And which games should i post next? 

That’s it for today I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Peace Out ✌️ 

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