Top 3 Best Multiplayer Board Games For Android (2021)

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Best Board Games For Android In 2021

Top 3 Best Multiplayer Board Games For Android (2021)
Top 3 Best Multiplayer Board Games For Android (2021)

 In the past few years there’s been an increasing craze of games amongst everywhere in India. As many games like Pubg, BGMi, Free fire were released people started playing more games. 

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But nowadays these games feel too boring and gamers are looking for other games to play, so I’ve got some of the best board games for you which you can play on your android mobiles. All of these games are the typical board games which we used to play in our home in our childhood. While playing these games you’ll surely get that nostalgic feeling of playing classuc board games with your friends. 🙂

1. Ludo King 

Size – 56 MB
Rate – FREE
Mode – Online / Offline Both
Rating – 4.6🌟
I don’t think i need to tell you guys anything about this game as this game is already very popular and it also got so much exposure when many people used to play this game in the period of lockdown in country.
In ludo you’ve 4 tokens, which you’ve to safely get to the home by moving all around the board. Your fate totally depends on the numbers rolled by dice.
Ludo King is the classic Ludo game, yup that ludo game which we used to play in childhood on a board with an dice. The game controls, animations and graphics are so realistic that you won’t even feel like you’re playing an mobile game you’ll get the feel of playing ludo in reality.

Main Features :

  • You can Play this game online multiplayer with your friends or family using internet connection or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Pass and play option is also available so you can also play with your friend on same mobile device.
  • You can also play Ludo King with other players online from all around the world and test your skills.
  • You can also play the Classic Snakes and Ladders game in Ludo king, it is an co-game in the same application you don’t need to download that again.
  • Voice chat option is also enabled. Yes, you can also do voice chat while playing Ludo online with your friends.
  • Ludo King is an cross platform game, which means you can play together with your friends on any device, let it be android, iOS, Windows, or Desktop platform, etc.
  • Supports both online and offline gaming mode so you don’t miss out playing Ludo at any time, in any condition.
  • Various Board themes available.
  • Supports all low end to high end devices.
  • Upto 6 players can play together in a uniquely designed Ludo board for 6 players. ( This option is not available in most of the Ludo games around their ).
Link to the Game :

2. Chess : Chess Games

Size – 40 MB
Rate – FREE
Mode – Online / Offline Both
Rating – 4.6🌟
Chess, we all know this game from our childhood. Many of you have must played this game atleast once in lifetime. Chess is also called as Shatranj in India.
How to Play Chess??
The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture. Chess puzzles start with a grid in which each player owns 16 chess pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently.
Master your chess skills and solve the thousands of chess puzzles in this game.
Features :
✔️ Fresh graphics and exciting sound effects
✔️ 4 board skins & 6 game difficulties
✔️ Use hints when you get stuck
✔️ Support 11 localized languages
✔️ Unlimited undo function free for you
✔️ Puzzle mode, AI mode & Two-player mode
✔️ Auto save game progress and each move
✔️ Intelligent AI, with nationalities and Unique characters
Link to the game :

3. MONOPOLY : Classic Board Game

Size – 40 MB
Rate – FREE
Mode – Online / Offline Both
Rating – 4.6🌟

Business game, the classic monopoly game which we used to play in our childhood is now also available to play on your mobile devices. Play face to face monopoly game with your friends online using internet connection.

It also includes a video chat option now you can even make a group chat of friends and start playing monopoly game while on a video chat with them.

This One of the greatest board games.

Play the Hasbro classic MONOPOLY game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world on your mobile or tablet.

Their are total 5 game playing modes in the game.

1. House Rules – In this mode you can play with your favourite house moves…

2. Quick Mode – Finish the board game faster than ever…

3. Single Player – Play against the intelligent and challenging ai bot of the game. No need of family members or friends to play the game.

4. Offline Multiplayer – Pass and play with a single device between up to 4 players, or connect with WiFi no need of Internet to play the game multiplayer with your friends.

5. Online Multiplayer – Friends live too far away? Now distance won’t be problem, play with your friends whenever you want and wherever you want by connecting to internet and playing online multiplayer by creating private rooms. Or play with from the players all around the world. 

So I’ll definitely recommend you to play this game if you like the monopoly game.

Link to the game :

Conclusion : So above are the top 3 board games for your android devices which you can try out to fix your boredom and have a fun time with your friends and family. Also comment down below if their are some more good board games? I’ll update them here..!

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