Top 10 New & Best Offline Games Like Call of Duty Mobile Under 90 MB

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Online FPS Games such as Call Of Duty Mobile have been really popular among gamers from around the world and if you are an true gamer you must have played any of the FPS games like Call Of Duty

But when it comes to FPS games like Call Of Duty Mobile, most of the games are online and big in download sizes. But many people don’t have a stable internet connection which becomes a trouble in playing these games.

So if you have No Internet? No Problem. Today I’ve got a list of Top 10 Offline Games Like Call Of Duty Mobile Under 90 MB.

You can easily download all of these games from Google Play Store. Also all of these games are offline, so you won’t need an Internet connection to play these games.

List Of Top 10 Offline Games Like Call Of Duty Mobile Under 90 MB

1. Modern Action Warfare : Offline Action Games 2021

Modern Action Warfare : Offline Action Games 2021

So the first game in our today’s list is Modern Action Warfare : Offline Action Games 2021. It is one of the best choice for the players who like to play new action games in 2021 or offline army games.

It is basically an Story based Fps Game for android. You can enjoy many different offline missions in this game. Graphics of the game are very Eye catching and the storyline of the game is also very interesting and thrilling. This game will make your dream true of leading an commando force in an military action offline game.

During the storyline in the game you’ll have to face off with many professionally trained terrorists and army commandos. Your only goal in this offline fps game is to go into the battlefield and stop the terrorism in your city. Enemies can be anywhere in the city so find and defeat them as fast as you can.

Many types of weapons like Snipers, Ar Rifles, pistols, etc are available in game. The controls of Modern Action Warfare are also very easy to master. Also the size of the game is just 52 mb so you can easily download it.

2. Call of IGI Commando : Mobile Duty

Call of IGI Commando : Mobile Duty

If you wanted an offline Fps & best commando shooting game for your android device then this game is for you. Experience the gameplay of IGI Commando Battle War Game in forests on your mobile device.

Storyline of Call Of IGI Commando : Mobile Duty – The army of Zerand country has entered your country and is occupying the places in your country. So to eleminate them government has called IGI commando to lead this mission of saving your country from these terrorists and complete the mission.

The storyline and graphics of the game are very interesting and eye catching which is the main attraction to this game.

Main features that make Call Of IGI Commando : Mobile Duty different from other fps games like call of duty mobile are :

  1. It is completely offline and free First person shooting game.
  2. You can experience the fun of playing commando simulation games and action fps game on your android phone.
  3. Realistic gameplay and realistic Vehicle physics.
  4. Easy Controls.
  5. Many vehicles like tanks, cars, Army jeeps, etc vehicles can he used to drive while completing missions.
  6. Both First person and Third person view are available.
  7. Completely offline game, you’ll not have to use mobile data anywhere in the game.
  8. Most recommended to play if you were searching for best offline games like call of duty mobile or best offline fps games for your android mobile.

3. Jugg Wars

Jugg Wars

Jugg wars is an Robot Shooting game. You play as “Jugg” who is an mechanical robot created by the Nepal Allied Robotics to save the people of Kathmandu from the enemy forces.

Storyline : Enemy forces have attacked in Nepal near Kathmandu to take the control of the world heritage. Your mission is to fight with them and save the country.

Though Size of the game is more than 90 mb but it’s not that much so i added this too to this list. Size is 165 mb and graphics are impressive and controls are also smooth. You can also try out this game if you’re interested in playing as an robot.

4. Nova legacy

Nova legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy is an Multiplayer Fps game. You’ll play as an main character of the gane named “Kal Wardin”. You’ve to fight against the alien invaders to save the destiny of humanity. “Yelena” your personal AI assistant will help you in doing this.

Many different game modes and amazing features are available in the game which are :

  1. Deathmatch i.e. The man for himself, be the last shooter alive in the battlefield for 8 players. Try to avoid getting jn crossfire.
  2. A classic Call of duty like 4v4 multiplayer battle, play with your team in this amazing and thrilling Team Deathmatch mode.
  3. You can easily customise your player witb different 3d models and skins.
  4. You can watch the deathcam after you are defeated in the game. It looks so realistic.
  5. Game can be played in both offline and online mode, so if you don’t have a internet connection – no problem, Play it offline.
  6. You can easily craft and upgrade your science fiction guns and other modern weaponry by collecting cards.
  7. Single player campaign is also available so you can play and enjoy the game offline anytime and anywhere.

The Size of the game is 47 mb and has 50 million+ downloads with a rating of 4/5 Stars on Google Play Store. Tap on the link below for more info.

5. Special counterattack – Team FPS Arena Shooting

Special counterattack – Team FPS Arena Shooting

Looking for an amazing PvP Fps action game? No need to do that now. Special Counterattack is an one of the best games like Call Of Duty mobile available for android.

You can choose from the bunch of game modes, which are Single Player missions, Team matches and Battle Royale Mode. Level up by playing any of these game modes and unlock high level guns and other more than 50 weapons by leveling up to experience more immerse experience.

Main Features :

  • Realistic 3d graphics with cool and smooth animations.
  • Various maps available to play, choose any location and play with different tactics of every map.
  • Smooth and easy to master controls.
  • Completely offline fps action game for android phones.
  • You can choose from the 30 different modern guns.
  • Can play PvP mode with upto 10 players.
  • You can also join team battles from players all over the world online.

6. Call of World War Fire Duty

As the name of the game suggests, it is an clone of Call Of Duty Mobile. The features and gameplay is very similar to Call of duty Mobile.

Graphics and animations are decent but impressive because you’re getting this game in less than 65 Mb. Controls are also very easy to handle. Game is bit addictive.

You play as a army commando soldier of the army. Your task is to eliminate all terrorists and evil resident striker in a counter terrorist attack. And survive.

You can read more about this game and download it from the link given below.



If you are interested in SWAT games then this game is best for you to play without internet.

The storyline of the game is like, You have to win modern battlefield with a plan. You’re a soldier in this game and your duty is to survive till end and complete all the given missions. Enemies in this game come in waves, you will havr to eliminate all the enemies to win.

Main Features :

  • Single Player Mode : If you were searching for an addictive offline fps action games like call of duty mobile then you should definitely try this one. Game is totally offline and size of the game is also less which is 43 mb.
  • Intense gameplay experience with a lot of action in this offline first person shooter game.
  • Easy controls.
  • Variety of guns and weapons

8. Critical Strike GO: Gun Games

Critical Strike GO: Gun Games

Critical Strike Go is an first person shooter that features competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes and levels.

Main features :

Modern graphics with easy and high quality controls.

More than 8 maps to explore and play.

PvP mode, PvE mode.

Well optimized for low end devices.

9. Fire Squad 3D – Sniper Shooting

This is a sniper survival shooter game in the battlefield based on the concept of the game Counter Attack. You play as an Anti terrorism commando and your aim is to defeat the enemies and complete the missions.

Main Features:

  • Challenge yourself to be the last standing player
  • Assault shooting and extreme gun fire in war missions
  • Battle against army squad in world war
  • Challenging gameplay
  • High Quality Graphics & engaging sound effects

10. War Duty : Battle Game

You play as the last war hero of the Batttle in this War Duty game. The war is about to begin and you have to lead your army to conquer the world.

You have a variety of guns and weapons available in the game as the every mission of the War duty game is different in it’s kind so you’ll need to master all the weapons. The size of the game is just 47 mb so you’ll not need much storage in your mobile device. It has rating of 3.7 stars on Google Play Store with over 500k+ downloads.

You can easily download the game from the link below :

Conclusion :

So, above given is the list of the Top 10 New & Best Offline Games Like Call of Duty Mobile Under 90 MB. I hope yo ly liked all of the games, you can try them out if you want to. Links to all the games are given below the game names.

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