Top 10 New Offline Games For Android To Play In 2022

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As we continue to bloat the Internet with a never-ending stream of garbage, the gaming industry is struggling to stay relevant and sustain its reputation.

And offline games are losing their reputation in gaming industry, but their are some best offline games for android which I’m going to list today.

In the last decade, mobile gaming has evolved from a niche hobby to an industry that has seen staggering growth in recent years. As a result, the mobile gaming scene has become much more than just a gaming platform.

It’s now got a vibrant social life and a lot of people are spending money on games they may never play again once they’re done playing them.

While most gamers won’t need to do any research into what games are best for them. As There are still plenty of offline games for Android that are worth your time.

Whether you’re looking for an action game or just want to enjoy some good & offline old-fashioned fun.

Also, As always, if you have any suggestions for great offline games for Android then please leave them in the comments below!

Top 10 Offline Games For Android To Play In 2022

1. Game Of Warriors

The game of warriors is a very old Chinese game, one that has been played in every culture since the beginning of civilization. It is essentially a game of strategy, which means it involves thinking about what moves you can make to defeat your opponent and take control of the battlefield.

You can check more info about this game from over here…

2. Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally is an one of the most realistic rally simulation games out their for Android. Race at 60 fps in different climatic conditions, day and night time.

Play unique levels. You can play over 72 different stages in career mode of the game and that too offline.

You can easily customise your car buy new wheels or upgrade your car to race and race with more thrill.

Also you can play this game offline and online in both modes. If you’re playing online you can also complete with your friends and challenge them to beat your score.

Controls of the game are fully customisable and easy to understand. Place the control icons wherever you want to place them.

Game is paid over Google Play Store with an price tag of 460/- Rs, but trust me it is worth it. You can check out the game from here..

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3. Trial Xtreme 4

3rd game in today’s list of top 10 best offline games for android is Trial Xtreme 4. This is an one of the most popular dirt racing games out their. This is the sequel of the popular game title Trial Xtreme 3.

This game provides you the most realistic dirt bike racing experience on your mobile devices. This game is playable in both offline and online modes, you can also invite your friends and play moto dirt racing game for android with them.

Player vs Player Racing : If you play online, then Trial Xtreme has a pvp mode for you.

You can challenge and compete in race with the players from all around the world and beat them in best moto dirt racing game for Android Trial. Xtreme 4.

In offline mode their are more than 200 extremely hard and craziest levels, you can show your bike skills and complete these levels. Not only that Trial Xtreme comes with extremely high graphics and smooth gameplay and controls.

Trial Xtreme 4 is my personal recommendation, if you want an best offline games for android device, then must try-out this one… You can read more info about the game on Google Play Store from here…

4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castelvania is a popular Show/anime on Netflix. Also Castelvania is an very popular action-adventure game series. Initially it was only available for Pcs, but now you can also enjoy playing Castelvania : SotN on your mobile devices.

Castelvina SOTN is an classic RPG game, in which you can jump, dash and make your way out from the Drakula’s vast castle. If you love playing horror and adventurous games then this game is for you.

You can check out more info about this game from here..

5. Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is an multiplayer shooting combat game based on world war 2, but it also has an single player offline mode. You can choose which mode to play from 4 different game maps and 2 gameplay styles.

In offline mode you can play the story mode. Make progress in game and unlock different abilities and tactical advantage.

Gameplay and controls of Brothers in Arms 3 are too smooth and easy to play. Play various missions like Assault, Sniper, Siege and stealth.

Check-out the more info about the game from here…

6. OceanHorn

6th game in our list of top 10 best offline games for android is Oceanhorn. This is an action adventure and role-play based game. You play as the main character of the game. Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, fight monsters, solve the puzzles, mysteries and secrets.

Use your skills to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn.

Main features of the game :

  • Also supports in low end devices even with 1gb ram.
  • Easy to master controls and touch response.
  • Graphics can be customised according to user’s preference.
  • 10 hour+ story driven gameplay.
  • Music from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito
  • Accurate touch controls.

Checkout more info about game from here..

7. Bingo – Offline Tambola

As the name conveys, this is an Bingo game. I’m sure that you would have played bingo atleast once in your childhood.

As a child this was in one of the favourite offline games for android. But this is real casino Bingo, so ignore if you’re a child.

The game is very simple to play with an simple and real user interface. You can also play this game in both game modes (online & offline).

Note : This game is just an play for fun game and doesn’t promote any gambling. Please avoid playing these type of games with real money.

But if yo u want to get experience of playing BINGO for free without any real cash then this game is for you. You can check it out from here…

8. Minecraft : Pocket Edition

Minecraft ! I don’t think i need to tell anything about this game to anyone, because the game is already so much popular that you must be knowing about it.

And thos who don’t know let me tell you that Minecraft is an game in which players build and break various blocks and craft from simple small homes to big castles in it.

Play and create anything you want by the unlimited resources in game. You can either enjoy Minecraft alone in offline mode or play online chilling with friends. You can also join massive servers of othe players and discover their world’s.

you can check it out from here…

9. Jungle Adventures 2

Jungle Adventures 2 is an action, adventure platformer game. You play as addu, a fearless adventurer. Your task is to bring back all the fruits of the forest are stolen by an mighty magician to become immortal.

Discover new abilities as you keep making progress into it.

Main features of Jungle Adventures 2 :

  • Simple and incredible graphics.
  • Classic platformer adventure game.
  • Easy controls.
  • Double jump ability.
  • Tons of boss battles.
  • 60+ unique levels to play.

Check-out the game here..

10. Benji Bananas

Benji bananas is an action adventure game. In this game you play as a money and you have to fly from one vine to other vine.

Just making sure to stay alert from dangers lurking in the jungle. Eat bananas to get upgrades and special powers which will help you to play game more easily.

Main features of Benji Bananas :

  • Realistic cartoon & hand drawn like graphics.
  • Physics based gameplay..
  • Differrent kind of ropes and clothes for money are available.

You can checkout the game from here..


This is just a list of the top 10 offline games for android in 2022. They are for your offline entertainment and relaxation.

In order to make this list, I analyzed the ranking of these sites using the Alexa Ranking data which is a high-end website analytics tool that helps you uncover the quality of websites across the web.

I’ve also included some statistics regarding each game and why they are popular but not as popular as others such as shooting games, racing games etc. other than that, I have left it at that. I hope you enjoy these great offline games for Android, Enjoy! 

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