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 Have you ever tried playing Simulator/Simulation Games?

If yes, then you must be knowing how fun it is to play simulation games.

( New Games ) Best Top 5 Simulation Games For Android 2021 - Aman Gamer-X
( New Games ) Best Top 5 Simulation Games For Android 2021 – Aman Gamer-X

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Simulation games are kind of a game which gives you the real life experience. It’s like you’re living the character of the game. For example : you’re in a car driving it or you are an animal exploring the world from their point of view (pov) or you’re in a office working for earning money.

Nowadays, simulation games have gained so much popularity in the people of all ages. Simulation has became one of the most costly and popular game genre these days.

However, if you’re here then it means you’re searching for some of the best simulation games for your mobile phone. Then you’re at right place, in this article I’m going to list some of the best simulation games around the Google Play Store for your mobile phone.

Here in this article I’ll list top 5 simulation games for android, all of the games are free to download and play though some of them also contact in app purchases but that’s not much necessary you can enjoy these games for free too. 

And yes all of the simulator games mentioned here are offline which means you don’t need to worry about an internet connection, just download the game once and enjoy playing it.

Top 5 Best Simulator Games For Android

1. Taxi Game Free – Top Simulator Games

Taxi Game Free - Top Simulator Games
Taxi Game – ( Image Source : Google Play Store )

Compability : All Android Versions

Downloads : 50 Million+ 

Rating : 3.5⭐

Size : 36 MB

Cost : 240/-Rs
When it comes to simulator games the first thing that comes in our mind is driving a car, truck or taxi. Taxi Game is a game in which you play as a taxi driver and start you career as a taxi driver in game. This game will give you the real life experience of how it feels to be an taxi driver in reality.

Graphics of this game are also very good and controls are also very smooth and easy to handle. And yes, the game is completely free and offline to play.

You have to drive taxi, race it through out the heavy traffic, pick up passengers and drive out through the traffic and drop them at their destination. You can drive in more speed than other taxi simulator games but be careful, don’t crash the vehicle as it’ll affect you career. 

Main Features :- 

  • TAXI GAME let’s you play and enjoy your favourite taxi simulator game in both offline and online modes. 
  • Thier are so many vehicle choices which you can choose to play and unlock and upgrade them as you progress in the game.
  • Fully functional and well designed road map which assists you while driving and reaching your destinations.
  • Many different routes across the city to reach your destination so you can choose the best route, this makes the game more enjoyable and interesting.
  • One of the best rated simulation game.
  • Colourful and bright game graphics.
  • Is compatible for all android devices ( let it be old or new device ).
  • New and unique unlocking system of cars.
  • Nitro boost and speedometer is also available.

More Info & Download

2. Dog Simulator

Dog Simulator
Dog Simulator Game ( Image Source – Google Play Store )

Compability : All Android Versions

Downloads : 5 Million+

Rating : 4.4⭐

Size : 70 MB

Cost : Free

Are you a dog lover? Yes?

Have you ever thought how it’ll be like to live life as a dog? If yes, then this game is for you. Dog simulator is one of the best pet/dog simulation game over the Google Play Store. You play as a small puppy where you can do all those activities which an dog actually does in real life. You can jump, bark, destroy the house 😂, mess up things, and do whatever you want to do which an puppy does in real life.

Main Features :- 

  • Multiplayer mode – Their is also an online multiplayer mode in the game which let’s you play the game with other players around the world.
  • Various dog breeds are available, you can choose the dog which you like the most. Dog breeds like corby, shiba and husky puppies are also available.
  • If you like big dogs, then you can also choose them to play.
  • You can also dress up your dog and upgrade it as you want to. Dress your dog with various hats, collars and funny glasses.
  • Their are total of 6 locations where you can play the game. And destroy the things their. Home, park, shop, farm, etc locations are available.
  • Controls are very simple use the analog on left to move your puppy/dog and buttons on right to perform tasks like jumping, hitting objects and interacting with them.
  • Game automatically detects your devices configuration and adjusts the graphics as suitable for you.
  • Play online multiplayer, make friends and compete with their dogs, make highscores.

More Info & Download

3. Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator
Cooking Simulator – ( Image Source Google Play Store )

Compability : All Android Versions

Downloads : 1 Million+

Rating : 3.7⭐

Size : 170 MB

Cost : Free

Do you want to be a cook? You can pretend to be a cook in Cooking Simulator. Cooking simulator is the most realistic and accurate cooking game on the Google Play store. In this game you’ll play as a head chef, you’ll be the incharge of your own Kitchen and your task is to make various types of main and side dishes. Their are various recipes to master in Cooking simulator.
Each and every dish is to be prepared in it’s unique way and with different utensils, vegetables, etc. Controls of the game are not the best but you can play the game easily. If you want to play the game then you can download it or get more info about it from below.

Main Features :-

  • Cooking simulator game is suitable for all age groups and men women to play.
  • You can unlock special recipes and make more delicious food as you keep on improving.
  • Graphics and visuals effects are too realistic which makes it more attractive 😍.
  • Kitchen has all type of equipments which are needed while cooking so it feels more realistic while playing.
  • You can also practice your own cooking techniques and improving your time management skills.
  • You can choose from variety of spices and ingredients to cook.
  • You can also customize your kitchen as per your requirement.

More Info & Download

4. Truck Simulator 2021

Truck Simulator 2021
Truck Simulator 2021 – ( Image Source Google Play Store )

Compability : All Android Versions

Downloads : 500k+ 

Rating : 3.9⭐

Size : 43 MB

Cost : Free

Truck Simulator 2021 is a classic Truck Simulation game developed by Redstone Creatives with over more than 5,00,000 downloads on Google Play Store. Truck simulator will give you the real life experience of driving a Real truck. 
It is one of the most popular Truck  Simulation game of 2021. 
Your task is to Drive through the toughest roads of the Europe and reach your destination with the cargo. 

Gameplay of the game is too simple, you’ve to choose a truck trailer and cargo and then attack the truck with the trailer you chose. Their are simple buttons for race, break and attach/detach the trailer,etc. And game is also very smooth to play even in the low end devices.

Complete the multiple challenging levels and unlock all the trucks as you progress in game.

Main Features :- 

  • Truck sounds are too realistic.
  • Variety of truck, trailers and cargos available if compared to other truck simulator games.
  • You can improve your trucks and unlock more trucks in the game.
  • Smooth and easy gameplay and controls.

More Info & Download

5. Bus Simulator : Ultimate

Bus Simulator : Ultimate
Bus Simulator : Ultimate – ( Image Source Google Play Store )

Compability : All Android Versions

Downloads : 100 Million+

Rating : 4.3 ⭐

Size : 652 MB

Cost : Free

Bus Simulator is One of the most popular game in simulation genre with over 190+ million downloads.

Establish your bus company and become the largest bus corporation in the world.
Their are total of 10 city maps which include, United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, etc with realistic graphics.
Graphics are good and controls are also very smooth and easy to play. Start your bus with the Start/Stop button, bring the gear shift to D ( Drive ) position. Control the bus with accelerator and break buttons.
Bring the gear shift to R ( reverse ) position when you need to take your bus in reverse.
Just drive your bus safely drop passengers at their destination safely and follow all the traffic rulesS to gain points.

Main Features :-

  • Play multiplayer leagues.
  • Various Coach Buses.
  • Passengers also review you.
  • Traffic system is too realistic.
  • Passengers now give real and social expressions.
  • Realistic weather.
  • Easy Controls.
  • Multi language support.

More Info & Download

Conclusion :- 

So i hope you guys will love all the 5 games listed above and find the best game suitable for you.
In my opinion Bus Simulator & Taxi Game are 2 best simulation games for android. You can try all of these. And if their are any more games then comment down below I’ll update them.
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