How to Play WWE 2K21 On Android Devices Using AetherSX2 Emulator

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Getting to the point, in this particular post in going to tell and teach you how you can play WWE 2K21 (i.e. Modified Version of WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2011) on your mobile phone using an emulator.

I know you’ll be already knowing that their are so many Ps2 emulators already on Google Play Store. But most of them can’t run games smoothly. So today I’ll give you a new emulator and best settings to play WWE 2k21 or any other Ps2 game on you android mobile phone without any lag.

The name of That Emulator is AetherSX2. You can easily download it from Google Play Store or Click Here to download or more information about it.

Now you can’t just play Ps2 games directly for that you’ll have to install PS2 bios on your device. This is the software that controls the information flow between your processor and other drives. You can download it from here.

More Info & Download

Once downloaded, open AetherSX2 Emulator! And select the extracted bios file. And you’re done setting up your emulator. Now just download any Ps2 Game iso roms and enjoy playing games on your phone using this emulator 🙂
In this article, I’m going to provide you the WWE 2K21 Ps2 iso rom to you 🙂
I know WWE 2k21 has not yet officially released for Android devices and this is just an modified version of Wwe SmackDown Vs Raw 2011. The graphics of the game are very good and gameplay is also very smooth on this emulator.
You can download the iso rom of the game from link below.

More Info & Download

Just download the iso rom from the above link, open emulator and enjoy playing the game 🙂
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