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Hey Everyone, today here I’m going to share with you all the 150+ best Pubg quotes and best Pubg & girlfriend quotes, Pubg quotes in Hindi, Pubg Quotes In English, Attitude Pubg Quotes, Funny Pubg Quotes, Best Pubg Quotes For Girls, Romantic Pubg Quotes and Captions, Emotional Best Pubg Captions and Best Pubg Quotes captions and status for couples from Best Pubg Mobile Quotes from over the internet.

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Best Girlfriend Pubg Quotes For Boys –

Pubg Is Better Than Girlfriend/Boyfriend 😌

There are only 3 truths of life Birth, Death & Pubg

Playing Pubg is Better Than Playing With Someone’s Feelings 😌💯

The Sweeter The Girl Sounds,

The Deeper She Gives Wounds..

Real Meaning Of Pubg –

P – Play

U – Until You Get

B – Broke up with your

G – Girlfriend

You want Candle Light Dinner With Her,

I want Winner Winner Chicken Dinner With Her,

We’re not Same Bro…

Hey, I have a new Girlfriend after my last breakup. Her name is Pubg Mobile.


– A heaven for singles 😌

– A hell for Girlfriends

My Girlfriend told me to choose between her or Pubg,

You know i miss her sometimes.🙂

Pubg or Ludo i asked,

Feelings she replied 🙂💔

She played with my emotions,

But i preferred playing Pubg Mobile 😌

Pubg is like a true Life partner,

It’ll make you happy even when you’re at Your Darkest

Pubg addicted boy and TikTok addicted girl make the best couples ever

They’ll never have time to fight 😂

It’s more painful than the moment “When Girl Breaks Your Heart”

When AWM breaks your Level 3 Helmet 🙂❤️

Timepass hi karna hai to Pubg Khelo,

Hum ladko ka dil koi khilona hai? Jab man kiya khel liya..

Pubg Hai Life,

Jab zindagi mai nahi hai koi Girlfriend ya Wife 😌❤️

Life is just like a game of BGMi,

It’ll knock you down, but your loved ones will be always their to revive you ❤️

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Is Better Than, Life Ruiner Girlfriend..

Falling in love with Pubg is better than,

Falling in love with a girl / boy ..

Best Funny Pubg Quotes –

An empty pocket and those random squad matches will teach you the hardest lessons of your life 🙂💯

I never played Pubg,

But when i played,

I started getting fever of Pubg.

Pubg addicted boy and TikTok addicted girl make the best couples ever

They’ll never have time to fight 😂

Eat, Sleep, Play Pubg and Repeat 😂💯

Hume to Pubg Ne Loota,

FreeFire Mein kaha dum tha,

Hum mare bhi waha, Jaha Bluezone khatam tha 😭😂

Hum Pubg waale hai janab,

Hume Beautiful nahi, Battery full chaiye 😂💯

Pubg is on everyone’s mind and mobile too 😂

Padhai likhai chod kar khub khelo Pubg,

Aur jab naukri naa mile tab bechna Sabji 😂

Engineers to bechare khamaka badnaam hai,

Asli berozgaar to ye Pubg Khelne waale hai 😂😂

My daily diet is Chicken Dinner 😂💖

– Best Funny Pubg quotes 2021

Pubg ki itni lat lagi hai ki, kal girlfriend ke papa dikhe to dost peeche se bola,

Enemies Ahead, Get To the Safe Zone 😂

Pubg is still the 2nd most played game,

Relationship is still at Number 1😜

Ladki Pubg khelne waali honi chaiye,

Dil se to koi bhi khel leti hai 😌💖

Ek hote hai ashiq,

Fir aate hai sacche ashiq,

Fir aate hai wo jo Pubg khelte time game minimize kar ke girlfriend se baat karte hai 😂

Hume to AWM ne loota, M4 mein kaha dum thaa,

DP28 thi mere pas par 7 ka ammo kam thaa 🙂

Divided by Quarantine,

United BY Pubg.

Distinction remains the mirage for many students who play Pubg the whole year 😂

Me : Apna time aayega,

Time : Mai aaya tha, par tab tu Pubg khel raha tha

Jis tarah Pubg ke maps yaad rakhte ho,

Us tarah agar Geography ke maps yaad rakhe hote to beta aaj topper hote tum 😂.

Taking offline exams after attending online classes,

Is like joining Army after playing Pubg..

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Best Pubg Quotes in Hindi –

Ye jaanu, shona babu hum Pubg waalo se naa ho payega,

Ye jaanu, shona babu hum Pubg waalo se naa ho payega,

Kyuki humein pata hai inka message humare game ke beech hi aayega 😢

Na Tere Reply Ki Khushi,

Na Tere Ignore Ka Gum,

Tera EGO Tu Hi Rakh,

Kyuki Pubg Ki Duniya Mein Busy Hai Hum 😎!!

Tum Haseen ho to bhaad mein jao,

Hum kisi ke nakhre nahi jhelte hai,

Pubg Ke deewane hai,

Pubg Khelte hai 😎❤️

Is kadar Pubg ke deewane ho gaye hai hum,

Music ki beats par bhi, Guns ki awaaz sunai deti hai 😂

Neend se kya shikhwaa, Jo aati nahi raat bhar,

Qasur to saara Pubg ka hai, Jo sone nahi deta..

Sirf Pubg hi aisa game hai jisme shakahari log bhi,

Chicken Dinner karte hai 😂

Log jazbaat se khelte hai,

Par maine Pubg khelna behtar samjhaa 😌💯

Pehle mai sochta tha ki Pubg khelna buri baat hai,

Fir maine sochna hi band kar diya..

Keep Calm,

And blame it on Lag 😂

Best Emotional Pubg Quotes –

Sometimes, we feel the pain of that headshot in our heart ❤️,

Instead of Head 🙂💔

Pubg Is Not Just a Game,

It’s an Emotion…!!

Playing Pubg Is Much Better Than, Playing With Someone’s Feelings

Meri Zindagi Ki Halat Pubg Ki Tarah Ho Gayi Hai,

Log Jee Bhar Kar Khel Rahe Hai, Par Man Kisi Ka Nahi Bhar Raha 🥺

Pubg Khel lena pure din bhale hi mobile kharab ho jaaye,

Par kisi ki feelings ke saath mat khelna uski zindagi kharab ho jayegi 🙂💔..!!!

Life Pubg Ki Tarah Ho Gayi Hai,

Koi bhi aa kar mar jaata hai 🥲🥲

Maturity is when you realise,

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is not a great success..!!🥲

Mar rahi hai teri yaadein mujhe is kadar,

Jaise Pubg mein Player ko Bluezone marta hai ..!!

I quit playing PUBG, that doesn’t mean I’m Noob,

I quit playing because I have to work for all My pending dreams..

Best Attitude Pubg Quotes –

Na Tere Reply Ki Khushi,

Na Tere Ignore Ka Gum,

Tera EGO Tu Hi Rakh,

Kyuki Pubg Ki Duniya Mein Busy Hai Hum 😎!!

A worked out Noob, Makes Pro

Legends Never Die,

Whether it is Pubg, Or Any Other Game 😌

Don’t try to Hide Yourself,

Because I’ll finish you whether you’re in Pochinki or Georgopol..!!!

Kids go to School,

Real Men Go to Military Base 😎

Hey listen,

We don’t want someone for our happiness,

We just want an 8x scope and sharpshooter,

Happiness comes out itself..!!

Mai Aise Khel Nahi Khelta Jisme Jeetna Fix Ho,

Kyu Ki Jeetne Ka Maza Tab Hai Jab Haarne Ka Risk Ho 😌💯

Noobs hide in Gatka,

Pro plays in Pochinki..!!!

If you’re Pro, I’m your Bro..

But if you’re Bad, I’m your Dad 😎

Hum Pubg waale hai,

Last zone mein apne dosto ki baat tak nahi sunte,

To ye peeche bhaukne wale kutto ko kya sunenge?😎

Aim your goals like AWM,

Have stability on a goal like DP-28,

Be a silent killer like VSS,

Respond quickly to problems like M416..!!

I’m a good guy,

But when i play Pubg

I become the most badass guy..😌

Humein nahi banna kisi ladki ke dil ka winner,

Humein to karna hai Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 😌💖

Pubg is a game,

Killing is a aim,

Winning is a pride,

New Full Form Of Pubg :

Play Until Banned By Government..

Humein roke tu, itna tere Akm mein dum nahi,

Bhale hi pro naa ho par player hum bhi kam nhi ..!!

Best Pubg Quotes For Girls –

Hey Boy, Go And Play Pokemon,

Because i will never give you any Chicken Dinner,

Mind itttt !!!

Boy, I’m Like Flare Gun,

Hard to Find & Lucky to Have 😌💯

Timepass hi karna hai to Pubg Khelo,

Hum ladkiyon ka dil koi khilona nahi hai, Ki Jab man kiya khel liya..

I wish he’ll love me the way he loves Pubg Mobile 😌❤️

Girl who plays Pubg,

Will never play with your heart 💖

They Say Girls Play With Your Feelings,

Well I Play Pubg Only

Hum shareef ladkiya hai ji,

Isliye kisi ke dil se nahi sirf Pubg khelte hai 😌

Romantic Pubg Quotes For Couples –

Is qadar Pubg se mohabbat hui hai,

Meri waali ko “Sabjii” chod ke,

Pubg khelne aana padta hai..

– Couple and Funny Pubg Quotes

Tum Meri AWM,

Mai tera 8x Scope 😌💖

I don’t care about KD,

Because I’m already your Daddy 😜

Hamein wo nahi chahiye jo dil jala sake,

Hamein wo chaiye jo Kar98 chala sake..!!

Hum dono ka milna bhi kuch aisa hi hai,

Jaise 2 Gb Ram phone aur Pubg ka 😂💖

If I’m AWM,

Then you’re my 300 Magnum..🥰

When i asked for M416,

And you gave me AWM,

This is called True Love 🥰

Be My Safe zone,

I’ll be your Flare Gun..

Best Pubg Quotes In English –

Keep Calm, and have Chicken Dinner..

Dear Girls, if a guy picks up your call while playing Pubg,

Marry Him

I Want those friends,

Who can come to revive me,

After I Get Knocked Out,

No matter How Hard the Situation is…

Opportunities are just like Flare Gun,

Utilise them in right time, otherwise

It may be taken by others 💯

Every Pubg Lover wants these 3 things –

100% Battery

20 MS Ping

And M416 Gun 💯

You are not Noob,

You just don’t have an High End Device..

Real Life – Smoking Kills,

Pubg Life – Smoking Saves

From playing Cricket To Pubg,

Somewhere everything has changed, but not the friends 😌💯

If you want to win, then you need to find a scope,

In both Pubg as well as Real life too..

Our happiness is like that one Flare Gun,

Whenever we shoot it,

People come to loot it…

Don’t show your skins,

Just show your skills..

Life is like a game of Pubg,

So play it like a Pro

We are not Noobs,

We have just started ☺️

Pubg is Life,

Enemies are Problems,

All the amenities are opportunities,

Chicken Dinner is a Success..

While you were hunting AirDrops in Pubg,

I was busy hunting goals in life 😌💯

What is love she asked,

Pubg, I replied..

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