5 Best Cricket Games For Mobile In November 2021 ( New )

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5 Best Cricket Games For Mobile In November 2021 ( New )
5 Best Cricket Games For Mobile In November 2021 ( New ) – Aman Gamer-X

Hello and Welcome to Aman Gamer-X. Cricket is one of the most popular outdoor game and sport played in India. Their are so many cricket lovers all over the world who play and watch Cricket matches daily. We daily see many playing cricket from small gully to big stadiums.  

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Playing cricket outdoors is really fun. But in this pandemic situation we can’t enjoy playing cricket with our friends outdoors.

 Being a Cricket fan i really miss playing cricket with my friends but thanks to all these games which help me get the same experience of playing cricket on my Android device.

But when it comes to Cricket Mobile games their are tons of cricket games available on Google Play Store, so I’ve got the list of some of the best Cricket games for your mobile devices which you’ll enjoy playing for sure on your Android/iOS device.

Top 5 Best Cricket Games For Mobile Devices To Play In November 2021

1. World Cricket Championship 3 –

WCC 3 ( World Cricket Championship ) is currently the one of the best cricket games over the Google Play Store for mobile devices. It is currently the most played and popular 3d Cricket game in the India.

 WCC3 is the latest version of this game by Next wave Multimedia. Their are in total 3 versions of this game and this is the latest one of them. The developers of the game have really developed the game very well from the fist version.

The batting and bowling animations and styles really give the feel of playing cricket in real life. The characters of the game are also so realistic.

You can play various modes in this game like T20, ODI, World Cup, Quick match, and many more. You can even participate in online tournaments in this game.

WCC3 is freely available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can easily go and download the game from over their. The size of the game is also very low as of around just 670 Mb.

You can download The WCC 3 Game Here

2. Big Bash Cricket –

Australia’s premier T20 event, Big Bash league is considered as one of the most unique Cricket Competition all over the world. BBL is very popular form of cricket over the fans of Cricket all over the world. Cricket Australia was the first to introduce the concept of Led Bails in BBL.

Big Bash League has won the heart of many cricket lovers all over the world with it’s unique and interesting concept. The Official Big Bash League game is available on Google Play Store named Big Bash Cricket  which users can download and easily play on their mobile devices. The size of the game is less than 60 mb. Everyone can easily download the game on their phone rather it be 1gb ram or 8 gb phone, you just need to have Android 4.1+ on your device to play this game.

You can play both BBL and WBBL ( Women Big Bash League ) in this game. 

You can easily check-out and play this game from here

3. Real Cricket 20™ – 

Another one of the best cricket game for mobile after WCC3. If you’re looking for a cricket game with good graphics and gameplay then this game is for you. 

This is the only 3d Cricket game which offers you commentary in various languages unlike like other Cricket games which provide commentary just in Hindi and English.

The main attraction of this game is that it includes a classic world cup competition edition with old ODI rules. 
Inspite this the game has more playing modes like one vs one, two vs two, which lets you to play game with your friends and challenge them for match online.
And best part of this game is it lets you save your highlights and share & save it to your gallery. You can also change the climate conditions, stadiums, etc… Also the size of the game is just around 600 mb so it won’t use much space in your device too.
It is one of the best cricket game for mobile devices in my opinion, if you wanna give it a try you can download and enjoy the game from below.

4. Cricket Captain 2021 –

Cricket Captain 2021 is the updated version of the previous Cricket Captain 2020 game. This is an cricket management game. This game includes the Test Match Championship and the new ODI World Championship, which givea teams the chance to qualify for the World Cup 2023. 
20 Over match simulation has been improved in this version with an rebalanced match engine. More than 9+ career modes are available in the game which include Odi, T20, One day, World cup, etc. 
This game is based on match simulation which will give you the recap of the played matches in real. You don’t have the total control over the batting and bowling of the game. 
The size of the game is just 186 mb and it is freely available on Play Store. But If you want full version then you’ll have to pay for it.. if you want to download the game then you can get it from the link below : 

5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

This is an Cricket game which offers best and more realistic graphics and gameplay animations. It includes various types of cricket tournaments including World Cup, ODI, T20, Power play batting mode, etc and much more. 
You can also play this game with your friends and compete with them in scores online. The size of the game is 25 mb and you can easily download it from Play Store.
( Update : The game is no more available on Google Play Store but you can still play it by downloading from third party websites )..
The best thing about this game is it’s simple and unique gameplay which lets you enjoy the game to it’s fullest even if you’re not that familiar with cricket. Though the graphics of the game are not that promising but in visual they are okay because the size of the game is just 25 mb.
You can also watch replays, highlights, different camera angles which makes the game more realistic and intersting to play.

Conclusion –

So all the above listed games are best 5 cricket games for mobile to play in 2021 in my opinion. If you’ve some more good games then let me know about them in comments I’ll definitely update then in post.

My Opinion – 

If you’ll ask for my opinion about which is the best game to play then I’ll definitely suggest you to try World Cricket Championship 3 or Real Cricket 20 as these two are the best cricket games in all aspects I’ve played.
So these are some best cricket games over their. I hope you liked them, if you did then make sure to also share them with others…
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