13 Best Third Person Shooting Games For Android & iOS

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Third Person Shooting games have been ruling the game genre from last few years.

In the last few years many third person shooter games have been released like Pubg Mobile and Free Fire and no doubt these games are the best third person shooting games for Android but all of these are Battle Royale games.

So if you’re also bored of playing battle royale games and want to try out other best third person shooter games which have a great storyline and campaign mode then stay tuned today I’m going to share the list of Top 13 Best Third Person Shooting Games For Android which you can easily download on your Android/ios device for free.

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List of 13 Best Third Person Shooting Games For Android

1. Rogue Agents

Size262 MB
Publisher Midnight Games
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version0.8.31

1st game in our list of 13 est third person shooting games for android is Rogue Agents. Rogue Agents is an online Third person shooting game with realistic physics and very high and catchy graphics. You can play both deathmatch mode or Team Deathmatch mode in Rogue Agents android.

Though controls of the game are bit complex and hard to master but you can easily play the game with some practice.

You can choose from dozens of maps and agents ( the character which you’ll play as in game. ) and alot of weapon choices.

Overall Rogue agents is an one of the best third person shooting games for android and I’ll suggest you that try this game atleast once. 🙂

2. Noblemen 1896

Size572 MB
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version1.04.05.5

Noblemen 1986 is an strategical game with an immerse and alot of action gameplay in the battlefield where you try to beat the rival team. Basically this game portrays the year of 1976 when war was at it’s critical point.

You’ve to control literally everything in this game. Firstly, you’ll have to control Nobleman who is the leader of the army and will lead the mission. Move around the big map and try to beat the rival team. This game is an perfect combo of an Third Person Shooting ( TPS ) and Strategic game for android and that too in less than 600mb.

3. Zombie : City Survival

GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version2.4.8

In Zombie : City survival you play as an Zombie Apocalypse survivor, your main mission in the game is to save the little girl and help her to survive. After that you can also help the other survivors around the city by defeating the zombies.

The controls of the game are very easy and simple to master. Also their is no need to press the shoot button the character will automatically fire whenever you encounter with zombies in your sight.

Also the missions of Zombie: City Survival hardly last about 2-3 minutes so you don’t have to spend much time playing, but trust me this gane is way too addictive. I’m pretty sure that you’ll definitely like this game 🙂

4. Striker Zone

Size289 MB
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version3.24.0.5

Striker Zone is basically a Online Multiplayer Third Person Shooting game in which you can play and compete against other players online from around the world in some exciting tournaments.

The player that has the highest score at the end when time runs out. The controls of the game are so easy and kinda similar to other Third Person shooter games. It has decent graphics and with so many maps to explore in game. Overall it’s a good game, you can give it a try.

5. Star warfare 2

Size377 MB
Publisher Freyr Games
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version1.30

So coming to the mid of our list the 5th game here is Star warfare2:Payback . This is one of the most successful and the one of the best third person shooting games for android.

Play in immerse intense gaming environment in different game modes and maps. You can play in game modes like Boss Fights, Single Player Campaign, Co-op Standoffs, intense Player Vs Player mode, etc and many more.

More than 50 perks which unlock you the new and different combat styles which gives you the unique fighting experience everytime..

6. Dead Rain

Size56 MB
Publisher Devbox Games
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version1.5.95

Dead Rain is kinda similar Zombie shooter game like Zombie : City Survival, it is an story of survivors of zombie apocalypse. The whole world is infected by an unknown virus which leads to turning of humans into zombies. The infected people act like zombies and have started growing trees from their bodies.

You play as an survivor, you’ve to defend yourself from zombies and find your daughter who is lost somewhere. Overall it is an intense third person zombie shooter game you can give it a try if you’re a zombie games lover.

7. Destroy Gunners SP

Size11Mb Apk size
Publisher Shade Inc
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version1.27

Destroy Gunners Sp is an new generation 3d action shooting game, One of the first shooting games ever made for android devices. This game was released in 2011 but still it is one of the best third person shooting games for android out there in terms of enjoyment and smooth gameplay and controls.

You’ve to control an realistic armed robot with touch panel and destroy the enemies with the different arms and weapons in the game. You can choose and customise your armed robot according to which one you like.

Overall it’s an interesting and unique robot shooting game which you should must try out because the size of the game is just 11 mb.

8. Project War Mobile

Size262 MB
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version1130

Project War Mobile is a game which gives you the gameplay experience from different genres combined in one game. It is an perfect combo of Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and third person shooter.

Game is based in the worlf of post zombie apocalypse. Where world is plauged by zombies. Controls of the game are simple just like other tps games move your character with joystick on left and aim with your right thumb.

You can easily customize your player and move from one map to another through save zone where you can also interact with other players. Game comes with a loads of customisations and personalisation of controls and your character to make your gameplay interesting.

Overall it is an good zombie shooter game with decent graphics and animations. You can consider playing it.

9. Coverfire

Size262 MB
Publisher Midnight Games
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version0.8.31

Coverfire is best free and offline fps / tps game ever made for android devices. Game includes various game modes which consists of :

  • Challenging Single Player Campaign Mode.
  • Online Competitive Sniper shooting battle.
  • Cool war Events.

Play free zombie event! Survive with a gun against zombies and save the survivors. Aim, Shoot and kill hordes of Zombies!!

10. Evolution 2 Battle For Utopia

Size660 MB
Publisher MY.COM B.V.
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version0.728.89037

Evolution 2 is a mix of action strategy, Rpg and third person shooter game. You play as a character in a battle on the Planet “Utopia”.

Your mission in Evolution 2 – Battle For Utopia is to wipe out all the enemies which show up in your way. The missions of the game are short which take just 2-3 minutes so you won’t have to spend much time to play this game.

Overall this is an fun to play action/rpg and a strategic shooting game, whith it’s eye catching amazing graphics and animations.

11. Special Force M

Size105 MB
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version0.1.3

Special force m is an multiplayer action shooter game where you can compete and fight against the other players from all around the world.

In the starting of the game you can only play the classic mode which is “Every man for himself” in which you play as single player. As you keep making progress you can unlock the popular Team Death match mode.

Controls of the game are very smooth and responsive, graphics are decent, and also you can upgrade your weapons and character as you start doing progress.

In my opinion Special Force M is one of the best third person shooting games for android out there. You should definitely try it out.

12. Disorder

Size1.5 GB
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version1.3

Disorder is another best game by Top gaming company Netease Games. Disorder is an squad based action shooter game where you fight against 100 other players online from all over the world.

The game is based in the year 2030, and it is similar to popular gane Apex Legends. You can choose from many characters as your player and each and every character in Disorder comes with it’s own unique abilities and skills.

It is an battle royale game but it’s not just your typical battle royale, you’ll also need to reach a set of targets on the map within the time of 15 minutes while dodging the enemies.

13. Armed heist

Size262 MB
Publisher Midnight Games
GenreThird Person Shooting
Current Version0.8.31

So, the last game in our list of top 13 best third person shooting games for android is Armed Heist. In Armed Heist you play as a professional bank robber. Your main mission is to steal as much money as you can but keeping in mind that you’ll be chased by dozens of police officers.

Controls of Armed Heist are very easy to understand and fast. You can unlock many types of weapons like shotguns, machine guns, pistols, etc when you make progress in the game.

in short if you want to play an gane similar to Payday: Saga, and searching for one of the best third person shooting games for android then you must go for Armed Heist. You’ll love it for sure.


So, above this was the list of 13 Best Third Person Shooting Games For Android & iOS. I hope you liked all the games i mentioned. All the games mentioned above are free to download or you can easily download them from the official developers of the game.

I’ll see you guys in next post, till then Stay Safe & Healthy.

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