10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022

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In the past few years shooting games have gained an huge attention among gamers. And if you’re also one of those and searching for top 5 best 3d shooting games for android then you’re at right place.

Further in this article I’m going to share top 5 best 3d shooting games for android which you can play on your mobile device.

Battle royale games are also one of the most popular shooting games and loved by many gamers around world so if you wanna know which are the best top 5 battleroyale games for android under 500 mb then Read This Article.

All 10 of the games are going to be linked down below if you want to try them out. Now let’s get into the list. By the way did i mention that every game on today’s list is free to play go and check them out.

1. Garena Free Fire

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Garena Free Fire
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The first game on today’s list is Garena Free Fire-New Age this game has 1 Billion+ downloads across the world on android alone on today’s list we have a bunch of juggernaut games but this one has some amazing popularity.

You know it has the look and feel of pubg mobile but for some reason people love playing free fire which one is going to be your favorite. The best way to tell is to download a bunch of them try them out and see which one fits your fancy this one right here probably is the most popular of all time on today’s list.

So it’s worth noting that all the games we’re gonna see today are mature games.

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2. Call Of Duty Mobile

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Call Of Duty Mobile
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Being that they are shooters so keep that in mind next on today’s list is call of duty mobile which may be one of my personal favorites. Now i have said this before and i’m going to say it again.

Call of duty mobile brings the experience that you remember from playing on console and pc to the mobile device, done flawlessly the graphics are incredible reminding me of my experiences playing these games years ago. When they were on console.

Really great replication of the game that is so much fun to play with controls that just feel natural there’s no reason that you shouldn’t download call of duty mobile.

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3. Battlegrounds Mobile India 

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Battlegrounds Mobile India
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Now coming in at number three is Battlegrounds Mobile India the game which i actually won the player well known tournament for the first ever tournament in pubg mobile that’s righti did with 50 million+ downloads.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is right behind free fire as one of the best shooters on mobile. And we’re talking about battle royale here i guess there’s a trend people seem to like the battle royale game mode it also looks very similar to free fire as well.

So you’re gonna have to decide after you try both free fire and pubg mobile which one you prefer? Both of them are incredibly solid games now it seems that pubg mobile is more popular here in the united states while free fire is more popular Internationally.

So decide which game fits your fancy which one you will enjoy the most and play it, Play it a lot.

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4. Frag Pro Shooter

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Frag Pro Shooter
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Number four is Frag Pro Shooter probably the most cartoony graphics game on today’s list but really a ton of fun to play frag proshooter is incredibly addicting. This game is so much fun very different because it automatically fires you don’t actually need to shoot, shooting will happen on its own you control a team of five rather than only having to control one character and every single character has its own unique ability.

Frag pro shooter is the first arena shooter on today’s list and really like i said a ton of fun to play. It’s definitely cartoony has a different feel from the three or four games we saw before this one, but it’s one that’s worth your time. Definitely not the most popular but possibly one of the most fun.

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5. NOVA Legacy

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Nova Legacy
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Coming in at number five it is NOVA Legacy because you know you need something that looks like halo. On the list NOVA Legacy brings to you the futuristic feel that many people love when they play games and that means when they play games on mobile as well this game directly gives me that feel of halo 3.

Do you remember playing halo 3 back in the day on xbox i surely do had a ton of fun playing it and i’ll tell you this gives you that vibe so if you’re into the space themed futuristic alien type shooter game N.O.V.A is one that you’re definitely going to want to try.

NOVA Legacy also is not one of the most popular with only 1.47 million downloads but that’s still 1.47 million people downloading the game give it a shot.

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6. Warface Global

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Warfare Global
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Warface Global operations fps, this is number six because five shooter games is just not enough we have to have see best ten here on the blog. This one having that modern futuristic looking battle sequence that many people love like Modern Warfare 3 and Call Of Duty this is another version of a shooter that you really would probably enjoy the graphics are on point and the controls are really intuitive and comfortable.

As well, you can customize your weapons and build weapons as time goes on warface is by far the least popular on today’s list with only 2,18,000 downloads but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good game.

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 7. Dead Effect 2

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Dead Effect 2
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And another game that is also not one of the most popular but still a lot of fun to play is dead effect 2. Although possibly not as refined as some of the other games that we saw on today’s list.

Dead effect 2 really does have something different it has that space age zombie bloody feel that is a lot more gory than we’ve seen before and this game 100% reminds me of Dead Space. 

I remember playing dead space years ago on xbox and this definitely has that same vibe stuck up in space fighting against alien zombie dead things and having alot of blood and gore at the same time. Also this one probably gives you a little bit of feel of the game Doom.

You do remember doom don’t you? and not only can you have an arsenal of shooting weapons but you can also rock a samurai sword. Other games you can’t rock a samurai swords.

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8. Critical Ops Online Multiplayer

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Critical Ops Online Multiplayer
Image Source : Google

Sitting at number eight we have criticalops onlinemultiplayer fps shooting game. I guess they really wanted you to know what the game was about. I know you know counter strike, i know the world loves counter strike.

Well this game is going to definitely 100 1million percent give you the feel of counter-strike so if you’re looking for a classic shooter style game one of the most popular in the realm of esports.

A game that’s around and thriving 10 years after it was released or maybe even longer critical ops may be one that you’ll like if you’re into the whole counter-strike thing.

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9. Shadow Gun War Games

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Shadow Gun War Games
Image Source : Google

Again not one of the most popular on today’s list but one that really is going to give you the feel of the counter-strike that you may want or that you may be thriving for looking for needing on mobile at number nine we have Shadow Gun War games online pvp fps.

If you guys remember i loved Shadow Gun legends in the past. This is the next edition brought to us by Mad Finger Games with a lot of color and a really great looking game.

We have a pvp team based shooting game that really does well now the thing about Mad Finger Games are they are a smaller developer. They’re not this massive development company so it seems that their games never do get as massive as games like Pubg mobile or Call Of Duty Mobile.

But their games are always incredible, well built, well done, well designed and well worth your time with that being said you literally can’t go wrong with downloading this game and trying it out having some fun with it even though this one is actually this one is really the smallest and the the least downloaded on the list that doesn’t mean anything. Go play it…

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 10. Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS 

10 Best 3d Shooting Games For Android 2022 - Mortal Combat 5
Image Source : Google

And the final number 10th game on today’s list is Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS now before Call of Duty Mobile, Free fire and Pubg Mobile came on to mobile devices everyone was playing a version of modern combat.

It was the game to play they’ve been multiple versions of this game and now we’re here with modern combat 5. Still holding a spot on the top shooter game list because it’s earned its position after year and year and year of new development, new updates and new game titles within the genre.

People love this game it has a nice element of the game that is not only multiplayer but also a single player element as well which sometimes is desirable when you just don’t want to be as competitive.

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 Whether it be FREE FIRE, CALL OF DUTY MOBILE, PUBG MOBILE, FRAG PRO SHOOTER, NOVA LEGACY, WARFACE, DEAD EFFECT 2, CRITICAL OPS, SHADOW GUNWAR GAMES OR MODERN COMBAT 5 one of these shooters on today’s list is going to tickle your fancy and make you need to download it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s list. Thank you so much for making it until the end. Write #Made in comments if you made it this far and if you liked any of the games on the list let me know which one’s below and remember share this with your friends.

I’ll catch you guys in the next one Bye 🙂

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